29/04/22 : Proteus 8.14 SP1

Release du premier pack pour Proteus 8.14. Ce service pack corrige certains points et apporte les améliorations suivantes:

– Fixed: TC7107 Matrix errors in single ended configuration.
– Fixed: N-BIT COUNTER primitive to prevent that counter is loaded with preset values outside upper/lower limits.
– Fixed: PIC16F1764 & PIC16F1765 for internal error « Pin RB4 » not found when OPA1 is enabled.
– Fixed: UAE where there was an invalid PASSPIN or DIFFPAIR list.
– Fixed: Moving or a connected track caused a ratsnest line and a loss of connection.
– Fixed: STM32DUINO Installer now available for download in the Compilers settings form.
– Fixed: PPC Diff pair length reporting incorrection.
– Fixed: « != » operator now works as it should in Arduino programming.
– CCS Compiler is now avauilable for selection for PIC16 variants in the New Project Wizard.
– Fixed: Dragging a via on a tertiary connection caused a duplicated via.
– Fixed: STC15W4K32S4 Counter Loading bug.
– Fixed: Trace Angle Lock icon can be toggled if FMR is on or off.
– Fixed issue where dragging a track would snap to the Origin or out of the board.
– Amended Via movement to be easier with ‘Trace Angle Lock’ turned off.
– Fixed: Proton Basic compiler simulation speed increased.
– Fixed: Crash on project load if a project is closed with the auto-router console open.
– Fix in UART Data receive in the AT89C51 model.
– Fixed: Samacsys websearch only loaded 10 results.