18/11/2022 : La version 8.15 SP1 de Proteus est disponible !

La version 8.15 SP1 de Proteus est disponible en téléchargement depuis le 14/11/2022.

En résumé ce service pack corrige de nombreux points apporte des améliorations.

Les ajouts :

– Added: Zones can now be mirrored to the Resist layer. This can help where you require an exposed board.
– Added: UART and SPI now implemented in the Arduno-ARM (BluePill).
– Added: Improved accuracy of design rule clearances used for objects near but not inside design rule rooms.
– Added: DXF files can now be imported on to the Resist layer as a solid object.
– Added: DXF Output now supports Outlines only. Useful for when you want to output the Zones as outlines.

– Fixed: Thermal reliefs were disconnecting from the zones.
– Fixed: Edit > Tidy now removes added unwanted nodes on tracks.
– Fixed: PIC16F18877 now loads the correct Help file and datasheet.
– Fixed: Crash when loading project, ccct and mcct are NULL (Project crashing on loading).
– Fixed: Wire PAIR label doesn’t propagate through paired pins.
– Fixed: Breakpoints now work on ATTINY projects.
– Fixed: Adafruit Library will auto add PWMC.begin(20). for DC Motors.
– Fixed: Slot layer is automatically selected, meaning the board edge will always be outputted on that layer.
– Fixed: Images in Project notes had lost their Layer set when being re-loaded in 8.15.
– Fixed: Dimensions on a Mech layer did not appear on a Drill Plot in Project Notes.
– Fixed: Editing and saving Panel files caused a UAE.
– Fixed: REALCAP; if Initial Charge is assigned as « default » value then the capacitor is not pre-charged.
– Fixed: IR2104, IR2106, IR2112, IR2184, IR2101 & IR2102 high & low side drivers for improved convergence.
– Fixed: 4046 (PLL) model (CMOS library). Unpredictable simulation results when no VCC terminal is used in the root sheet circuit.
– Fixed: crash of DVCO primitive.
– Fixed: SPIMEM – Added Self-Timed Erase support for Microchip Flash EEPROM variants.
– Fixed: 1812 SMT footprint.

Nouveau modèle :

40147 (CMOS library) « 10-Line to 4-Line BCD Priority Encoder ».

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09/11/2022 : Black Friday

Multipower aussi fait le Black Friday : pendant une durée de 12 jours !

Du 21 novembre au 2 décembre 2022, bénéficiez d’une remise de -20% sur toutes vos commandes Proteus ! C’est à ne pas manquer. Vous pouvez faire une demande de devis en cliquant ici.

Veuillez notez que c’est une offre exclusive uniquement réservée aux professionnels et aux particuliers.

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