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Proteus 8.14 SP2

20/06/22 : Proteus 8.14 SP2

Release du service pack 2 pour Proteus 8.14. Ce service pack corrige certains points et apporte les améliorations suivantes:

– Fixed: UAE when displaying DiffPair offset (or running PPC) on particular diff pairs.
– Keil compiler now supported for Cortex M3.
– Added Cortex-M3 STM32 model clock speed scaling for simulation performance improvement.
– Fixed DRC errors not being able to be Ignored
– Fixed: Out of Sync Message on Legacy projects when Testpoints were added.
– Fixed: Dragging variables to the Watch Windows re-instated.
– Added reading Program memory using NVM registers.
– Fixed an output override behaviour for pads.
– Fixed: Anomally DRC errors where they would point to a random area off the board
– Fixed situation where diff pairs couldn’t be reconstructed for phase matching because of empty name pairs.
– Fixed: Power Rail config form now displays Testpoints correctly.

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